4 Chunky Knitting Projects You Need to Try Today

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Here at Becozi we are all about creativity. We love coming up with new patterns and designs, finding new ways to use old things, spicing up ideas of the past with an infusion of today. 

But while we love being creative and sharing the results with you, we wouldn't be where we are today without the help and inspiration from other amazing knitters out there. 

So today we wanted to share the work of other talented knitters with you, featuring their patterns and designs, hoping that looking at their imaginative creations you will be inspired to pick up your own yarn and try something new. 

Just think of how beautiful these items would look with our yarn, whether it's chunky chenille or Merino wool

Read on for our 5 favorite chunky knitting projects from around the globe and let us know in the comments which one you can't wait to try. 

1. Giant Yarn Plush Knit Bag

becozi chunky yarn craft project

This amazing giant yarn plush knit bag from Jessica at Mama In Stitch is both fun and functional. 

Quite easy to make, this project is great for beginners and those who want to try something small rather than starting with a giant stitch blanket right away. 

Think of all the colors you can make it in! 

YARN WE RECOMMEND: Merino wool if you want it even chunkier, or chunky chenille for a thinner and more lightweight version. 

2. Lace Pillow 

© Lucy Schaeffer

This stylish and elegant lace pillow from Anne Weil of Flax & Twine is the epitome of home comfort. 

Not too bulky or stocky, it adds just a touch of sophistication to your home decor without taking away from it. Surprisingly easy to make, it's a great fast project for beginners. 

YARN WE RECOMMEND: Merino wool for a softer, more delicate look or felted Merino for a slightly edgier result. 

3. Heart Shaped Throw 

This heart shaped throw from Stacy at Truly Majestic is a fun project to make, and not just for Valentine's day.

Expressing love for someone special is easy with this gorgeous throw - make it for your daughter, mom or best friend. Customize the color and just imagine their eyes light up from something so unique you made just for them. 

YARN WE RECOMMEND: Merino wool for a weighted blanket they can sleep under, or Jumbo chenille for a lightweight version. 

4. Easter Bunny

becozi easter bunny

And last but not least is our very own Becozi Easter bunny because Easter is just around the corner. 

So fun to make and even more fun to gift to your little ones, this bunny won't need any maintenance or upkeep. 

YARN WE RECOMMEND: we love this bunny made out of chunky chenille, it's more lightweight and perfect for a kids room. 


Go ahead and give these beautiful projects a go and let us know which one is your favorite.

Our yarn is still on sale!

Don't forget to share your work in progress with us - we love to see your creativity shine! 

Stay crafty and BeCozi!