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4 Chunky Knitting Trends to Try in 2019

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We live in a rapidly changing, globally connected world. Technology is more integrated into our lives now than ever before, be it checking what's trending on Twitter or Instagram, or going online for swimsuit shopping. 

The mini computers in our pockets, that we now carry everywhere we go, provide instant gratification, hours of entertainment and an abundance of inspiration. After all, who doesn't go to Pinterest to get ideas for a new creative project these days? 

Be it on Pinterest or Instagram, you have seen how certain things tend to 'trend', or be more popular than others. 

Knitting is no different. There are a number of trends in 2019 that we love and wanted to share with you, so you too can get inspired for your own knitting projects. 

1. Mixing Textures 

While a few years ago, simple and minimalist chunky blankets were making the rounds on Instagram, these days mixing textures is key.

Whether it is adding pom poms, which has been extremely popular lately as we're making more pom pom blankets than ever, or adding fringe like in the image above - combining two different textures together adds a level of sophistication to your finished product. 

You can buy this gorgeous color block cable knit Merino throw here. 

2. Color Blocking

Color blocking is the thing to do in 2019. Gone are the single toned blankets of the past.

This year folks are going for colors, the more the better. Dual- and tri- toned throws look fantastic in every room as you can coordinate the different colors to your home decor. 

Purchase this beautiful Merino throw here. 

3. Bold Colors 

Whether it's getting this gorgeous blue raspberry variegated chenille as pictured above, or selecting from a vast array of bright colors we have in stock, bold colors are 'in' for 2019. 

Love bright pink? Green? Yellow? We've got you covered. 

Check out our chenille colors here. 

4. Dreamy Patterns

Whether it is double ribbing, cable or basket weave, patterns are all the rage! Forget the simple braid pattern and challenge yourself to something a bit more exciting. 

Not sure you want to make one? Order one already made for you. 


What's your favorite 2019 trend? Have you finished project that feature one or maybe even two of them together?

Make sure to tag #mybecozi on social media for a chance for your creation to be featured on our page. We love to see your creativity shine! 

Happy Spring and BeCozi! 

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