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Buy a lot and save!

BeCozi started our business by offering Merino wool only, and over the last few years we have added a number of other types of yarn to the mix. We now sell seven different types of yarn that can satisfy any knitting project: 

Our growth and success is something we take with both gratitude and vision. We want to keep growing in inspiring you to knit and teach others to do the same. 

That's why we keep building our YouTube video collection, now containing more than one hundred ten video tutorials where we teach you how to hand knit using all of our various types of yarn. We keep some of the great video tutorials on our website only, check them out!
We are also able to teach through offering DIY kits, allowing you the possibility of creating something on your own, as we know the pride that comes from making something with your two own hands. 
It`s getting colder outside every day and Christmas is only two months away and it is the great time to stock up on some yarn for your knitting projects! That is why today we we would like to remind you about our pretty new addition: 
“Buying in bulk” program!


We have the following discounts:

  • - Super chunky Merino and felted Merino wool; vegan and tube yarn:

15% off when buying 20 lbs and more with at least 10 lbs of one color: use 15BULK coupon at checkout 

20% off when buying 50 lbs and more with at least 10 lbs of each color: contact us at info@becozi.net with the amount, type and color of yarn you need. 

  • - Chunky chenille and Jumbo chenille yarn:

15% off when buying 65 skeins and more: use BULK15 coupon at checkout.

20% off when buying 130 skeins and more: contact us at info@becozi.net with the amount, type and color of yarn you need. 

You can buy with 15% off coupon directly from the website  As it is still a new addition, the precise shipping fee is calculated when the order is shipped: we will send you an invoice to pay the shipping fee difference right after the order is shipped, please, pay it right away that we could process all our orders on time - it`s a busy season!

Thank you, as always, for supporting us and keep on knitting! 

Stay warm and BeCozi!

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