5 DIY Knitting Kits to Try This Fall

Fall brings about many things we love. We gaze at the changing of the leaves and notice the passing of time. We cozy up with a warm cup of coffee and watch the raindrops slide down our windows to savor the moment. We pull on our favorite sweaters to warm our bodies, helping ourselves feel comfortable, bringing a flavor of home with us everywhere we go.

Fall is also an excellent time to take up a new knitting project. There are more hours to curl up in your favorite chair, pull out your Becozi yarn and make something beautiful with your own two hands. 

As part of our dedication to education we also offer our customers DIY Knitting Kits, a wonderful package consisting of the items you need to make something amazing. Typically our Kits include yarn, a pattern for you to work with and sometimes needles, depending on your preference and yarn selection.

Today we wanted to offer a few suggestions for 5 DIY Kits you should try this Fall. 

1. Medium Merino Wool Throw - 40x60 Inches, Single ribbing


Forty by sixty is our most popular throw size and for good reason - it is perfect for snuggling on the couch with to watch a movie. This blanket is made in single ribbing pattern, new at our store. With our new Fall colors we recently added, like the dark green you see above, it is an easy and fun project to make for yourself or someone you love. 

Get it here. 

2. Skinny Merino Wool Sweater

What a gorgeous sweater to wear this Fall! Our thick Merino yarn which we call "Skinny" to be different from super chunky Merino wool, while thinner than the super chunky Merino, is absolutely perfect for making sweaters, hats and scarves. 

This sweater kit comes with needles, instructions and skinny Merino yarn, available in this gorgeous gray as well as other colors. 

Buy yours here. 

3. Chenille Lap Throw - 30x50 Inches

Chenille is fluffy, thick and fun to knit with. It makes for an amazing DIY project and this throw would make a fantastic addition to your bedroom, study or living room. Select from a number of gorgeous colors, including our favorite plum. 

Get yours here. 

4. Skinny Merino Medium Size Throw - 35x50 Inches

If upon seeing this gorgeous throw you don't experience heart palpitations, we need to talk. If you do - welcome to the club! 

We absolutely love this delicate pink tone of our favorite skinny Merino yarn. What an amazing material to work with!

Grab yours here. You know you want to. 

5. Skinny Merino Wool Shawl 

Whether you opt for this deep red or another color, this shawl will be a hit this season. 

This easy to make triangular pattern will help you create a warm shawl to wrap yourself into on those cold days. 

Buy yours here. 

Want to see even more DIY Knitting Kits? Click here. Also, send us your suggestions and we'd love to offer even more amazing products for you to enjoy!

Don't forget to share your work-in-progress pictures as well as results on our Giant Knitting Club Facebook group

Stay warm and BeCozi!