The Skinny on Our Skinny Merino and 3 DIY Kits You Must Try

It's easy to get lost in a myriad of yarns, whether you are shopping online or at a local crafts store. Thickness, texture, color - all of these aspects are worth considering and researching to figure out what tool suits your project best. 

Today we wanted to give you the skinny on our skinny Merino wool, a cousin to the super chunky Merino that is currently our bestseller. 

Skinny Merino wool, as you already guessed, is made from the same Australian Merino sheep as our super chunky kind. It retains the same incredible properties of any Merino wool - it's antibacterial, moisture-wicking and regulates body temperature keeping your body just right under our blankets. 

The main and most important difference between super chunky and skinny Merino is thickness

Super chunky Merino is 2.5-3 inches thick while skinny Merino is only 0.5 inches thick. 

Here is a photo to show you the difference with hands for scale, with skinny Merino on the left and super chunky Merino on the right.  

skinny vs chunky merino becozi extreme knitting

You may think that the thicker the yarn the better. But just like with any project, you have to select the right tool to craft it.   

As beautiful as super chunky Merino is, there are projects that will simply yield a better end result using skinny Merino. Super chunky Merino is very thick and has limitations when it comes to certain patterns or techniques.

While skinny Merino will be simply perfect for the task. It's still much thicker and chunkier than any regular yarn, but it is flexible and easy enough to work with that you can be creative in your patterns and the making of knitwear. 

Same goes for hats, hand and leg warmers, shawls, and any type of knitwear. Made out of skinny Merino these items are easily styled, easily worn and easily maintained in comparison to the super chunky kind. 

To get you thinking of the possibilities of this beautiful yarn, check out these 3 DIY Kits that use skinny Merino that we simply love. Try them out, feel the yarn for yourself and see what you've been missing. Don`t forget that DIY Knitting kits make an excellent choice for a Christmas gift!

1. Skinny Merino Medium Throw

The kit includes:

  • 6 skeins of 100% skinny Australian Merino wool yarn
  • A pair of big knitting needles with a plastic tube, size 50 to keep your knitting from slipping
  • Instruction sheet to help you get started

Get yours here.

2. Skinny Merino Sweater

This DIY Knitting Kit makes an amazing gift for your knit-loving friend. We recommend this to knitters with experience knitting sweaters before as the pattern is more complex and might prove difficult for beginners.

It includes:

  • 5 skeins of skinny Merino wool
  • Big needles size 50
  • Instructions on how to knit it
  • 6 colors available

Get your DIY Kit here. 

3. Skinny Merino Wool Poncho

This beautiful poncho is perfect for Fall. Easy square pattern will make this a great project for both beginners and intermediate knitters. 

This kit comes with: 

  • 5 skeins of skinny Merino wool
  • Big needles size 50
  • Instructions on how to knit it
  • 6 colors available

Buy your poncho DIY Kit here. 

Make sure to try our skinny Merino for yourself and let us know of your progress. We love seeing your work in progress photos and completed products. 

Let us know your favorite item to knit with skinny Merino so we can create a DIY Kit for others to enjoy!

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Stay warm and BeCozi!