Announcing the Arrival of Becozi Bags!

becozi brand bags chunky knit merino wool

Something new and exciting has been brewing here at Becozi and today we are happy to share the news!

Starting now Becozi will be carrying these branded blanket bags in two sizes - small/medium and large. Made of breathable fabric, our bags allow for proper air circulation within the bag without any worry of your favorite Merino wool blanket getting caught on something sharp and pulling the fibers out. The Becozi bag keeps your blanket safe and protected until you ready to use it again.

becozi chunky knit blanket brand bag

The benefits of using a bag for storing your chunky yarn products are many. As you already know chunky knit products, quite fitting to the description, are bulky and can be difficult to fit on a shelf in your linen closet. 

Our Becozi bag is the perfect solution! Slip your blanket into this rectangle designed specifically for our products and store it on the floor of your bedroom or linen closet - no separate space required. A convenient handle helps you move your blanket easily and make it transportable should you choose to find it a new storage space in your home. 

becozi chunky knit blanket brand bag

Keep it stored in a guest bedroom and easily take it out to warm your guests during their stay. Pack it into our bag and put it in your trunk to take with you on your road trip and that AirBnB place you've been excited to stay at. Whatever your circumstances, our Becozi bag is here to save the day. 

Not to mention that all our blanket orders will now come shipped with the bag included! That way you don't have to worry about where to store your favorite Becozi while it's not being used. 

Already have a blanket or several pounds of Merino wool and want a perfect place to put them away? Click here to buy your very own Becozi bag today

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Don't have family members who own a Becozi blanket? Christmas is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to show your love by keeping your favorite people warm and cozy this Holiday season and beyond.