Becozi's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

becozi 2017 holiday gift guide

It's hard to believe another year has gone by since the last time we rounded up our favorite products for your holiday shopping. Yet here we are, 38 days away from Christmas, and from what may be the best gift your loved ones will find under their tree. 

Without further ado we present you our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide. 

1. Chunky Merino Blanket

There is a reason chunky Merino wool blankets keep getting more and more popular. These thick yet soft creations will make anyone abandon their living room afghan forever.  

BEST FOR: Truly, this gift would make anyone happy - those who love watching movies under a warm blanket, those who love reading curled up on their favorite chair, kids going back to a college dorm, grandparents who could use it as a second throw over the comforter. Watch this blanket bring a smile to your loved one's face!

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2. Merino Wool 

Our bestseller, and for a good reason, Merino wool is an instant crowdpleaser. Incredibly soft to the touch, this chunky yarn makes even the skeptics want to reach out and touch it. Not to mention its antibacterial, temperature-regulating qualities make Merino wool buyers incredibly happy with their purchases. 

BEST FOR: Established knitters, new knitters, crafters and those who love to make things with their hands.

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3.  DIY Kits

Another popular choice to wrap and put under the tree is a DIY Kit. All Becozi DIY Kits include the yarn of your choice (select from Merino, skinny Merino, chenille or vegan yarn. Read about their differences and which one to pick here), instructions on how to get started and even a pair of knitting needles for select kits.

BEST FOR: DIY enthusiasts, established knitters, new knitters, crafters and those who love to make things with their hands.

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4. Hand Woven Chunky Rug

Whether equipped with hardwood floors or carpet, any home can benefit from an added accent rug. It can become the centerpiece of the living room or simply create a nook in a room by visually diving the space with the rug. These make fabulous gifts for nearly anyone as they can be customized in shape and color. 

BEST FOR: Home decor enthusiasts, interior designers, rug lovers. Just as great for kids bedrooms or as an accent rug for spaces both small and large.

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5. Knitwear: Hats, Scarves, Sweaters


Everyone has a pair of ears that get cold in the winter, so why not get them a cute as a button Merino wool hat? Have a friend who is a fashionista? Get her this stylish scarf that she will be over the moon for (gray and blush colors are especially popular in fashion nowadays). Know someone who is always cold? Gift them a skinny Merino sweater they will adore.  

BEST FOR: Fashionistas, kids, those friends who are always cold, gifts on a budget. 

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Don't see what you're looking for? Explore our pillows and ottomans here, pet beds in case you forgot to get Fido something this year and don't forget to get this beautiful Christmas tree skirt for your very own tree.

We hope your Holiday shopping is only full of fun and holiday cheer! Wishing you Happy Holidays from all of us here at Becozi!