5 Home Decor Essentials

They say your house is your story. What does yours tell? 

Does it catalog adventures to different countries, with trinkets or magnets to remind you of the memories made there? 

Does it have a theme, say a nautical one, that allows you to relax and imagine you are by the ocean every time you walk into your living room? 

Or does it inspire you to create with vibrantly painted walls and eccentric accessories? 

Whether your house tells your story perfectly or you could still use a few pieces to tie it together, these five home decor essentials are sure to help you narrate your life in the most perfect way possible. 

1. Let There Be Light!


(source: House of Turquoise via Harper Construction)

Some of us are lucky to have floor to ceiling windows in our homes while some of us live in apartments where natural light might be scarce. 

Having good lighting in your dwelling is paramount to your mood and the coziness of your home. A dark home will never feel truly inviting. 

So invest in some floor lamps, table laps or even candles to create a sense of warmth and intimacy in your space. 

2. It's All About the Art

(source: Angelina's Art Shop via Etsy)

You may be in love with Salvador Dali or you find deep meaning in a giant painted blue square. Whatever your art taste - make sure to showcase it in your home. 

One large statement piece is a must. Find a good spot for it, whether it is above your living room sofa or next to your bed. Your art will help your house feel more like home and will be a perfect conversation starter with guests and visitors. 

3. Accents on Windows

(source: ShopHouseDesign)

A bare window is a sure sign of a house vacant or just recently occupied. When the night descends you need a way to ensure privacy. And during the day, when the sun comes out, you will also be grateful to the ability to diffuse the incoming light. 

Whether it is drapes, blinds or shutters - don't leave your windows naked. Plus it's a great opportunity to dress up a room. 

Tip: make sure you think of colors too. Dark colors will make the window and the room appear smaller, while lighter colors will do the opposite. 

4. Pouf It Up


Ottomans and poufs are great additions to any home. They are incredibly versatile and can fit a number of interiors, they serve as additional seating when you need it and they are a perfect piece to have fun with - make it a different texture or color to turn into an instant accent piece.  

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5. Cozy Blankets

Every home needs a spot dedicated solely to relaxing. It might be a corner with a bookshelf and a comfy chair or a room with a fifty inch TV and a giant daybed. 

In either case relaxing means remaining motionless so you'll need something to keep you cozy and warm. 

There is nothing better than a Merino wool blanket. Besides its amazing softness which even makes a bunny jealous, its giant stitches provide that perfect decor accent you were looking for. 

With so many colors to choose form, you really can't go wrong with this one. 

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Hope you enjoyed our 5 home decor essentials! If you found something that helps tells your home's story - share it with us in the comments!