Join Our Community Group for Knitters!

becozi giant knitting chunky merino wool

In the past few decades our society has made leaps and bounds in terms of technological advancement. We have touch screen phones that could only have been the work of fiction a mere twenty years ago. We fly to faraway destinations in giant metal birds that allow us to explore the world and connect with other cultures. We hold daily in our hands devices that can capture still and moving footage that used to take weeks to develop and produce. 

Technology has allowed us many luxuries, including global connectivity. 

Think about it - how would you be able to frequently chat with someone who lives in Indonesia? Back in the day you had pen pals and sent snail mail to other countries which took weeks if not months to get there. 

These days all it takes is to log onto Facebook. Or Twitter, or Instagram or one of the dozens social networks out there, made specifically to share, connect and engage. 

Here at Becozi we love that we are able to connect with knitting enthusiasts around the entire globe. France, Germany, South Africa, Japan - we have shipped our products to dozens of countries and our YouTube channel continues to attract a worldwide audience. 

No longer do you have to sit at home, stare at an instruction manual or a pattern and wonder what to do next when you get stuck. You simply go online and search for an answer, be it a video tutorial on YouTube or a post in your community Facebook group. 

We decided that a community group is exactly what we need to stay engaged, ask questions and receive answers, post work in progress photos of your current project and simply chat with fellow chunky knit lovers from around the globe. 

We have created a Facebook group called Becozi's Giant Knitting Club and we invite you to join us! 

We can't grow out community without you, so please join and invite your friends to do the same! We can't wait to see you there! 

Stay connected, stay warm and BeCozi.