5 Unique Merino Wool Products You'll Love

Here at Becozi innovation is our motto and we believe that there is no barrier between imagination and reality but fear. As a result we have designed and developed a number of products that are completely unique to the Merino wool market. Whether you are interested in making one of these for your own home or would simply like to gather inspiration, we are happy to present you with five unique Merino wool products you will love. 

1. Area Rug With Lights

becozi lit up area rug merino wool twinkling lights

Are you as in love with twinkling lights as we are? Whether it is Christmas on the calendar or the middle of July we simply can't get enough of the cozy ambiance this twinkling light area rug creates.

So soft your toes will love you for life. It's also easy on the eyes, especially in the dark when you simply want to relax and create a feeling of comfort and peace in your abode.

Buy it here.  

2. Candy Barrel Pillow

merino wool barrel pillow becozi

Do you have a sweet tooth? Or perhaps you simply have earth toned decor in your home and want to add a touch of color? Then this candy barrel pillow was made for you. 

Shaped like something delicious and colored appropriately, it is soft and extremely huggable - perfect for those nights you want to binge-watch Netflix shows. 

Get yours here. 

3. A Pouf All Poufs Envy

becozi pouf ottoman home decor

Have you ever sat down to watch a movie at home and found nothing to put your feet on? We suggest an alternative to the coffee table - a wonderfully poofy Merino wool pouf, otherwise know as the ottoman or that soft thing for your feet. 

Considering it's versatility and ability to serve as an extra seat for guests or even a perfect resting spot for your cat, we suggest choosing a color that speaks to your soul and adding this round invention to your home decor. 

Get a pouf here. 

4. This Bright Wool Vest

becozi merino wool vest

You don't have to be a fashion expert to see that this vest is something you must have in your Fall and Winter wardrobe. 

Perfect for keeping your arms cool and your body warm, this knotty design will add some much needed brightness to any dreary winter time. 

Get your own here. 

5. A Shrug Not to Shrug About 

becozi merino wool shrug clothing knitwear

Ladies, we've all been there. You are out one evening and you come to realize that your arms have nearly turned into icicles. We have a perfect solution!

Not to mention the sheer beauty of this custom designed shrug, it will keep you comfortable in questionable weather. All while earning stares of adoration and a multitude of "Can I touch it?" questions and "It's so soft!" exclamations. 

We recommend getting one in a color you love for that added spark of joy. 

Buy yours here.

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of unique Merino wool products we are proud to have designed and carry in our store. If you want a unique product added to our catalog - comment below or send us a note with your ideas!