5 Knitting Trick or Treats

becozi chunky knitting merino wool blankets

Jack-o-lanters, eerie orange glow-lights, houses covered entirely in spiderwebs - it's a festive season to signal the darker days and cozier nights ahead. 

Halloween is just five days away. We are getting excited for the hoard of kids dressed in a variety of costumes to light up the streets with their laughter and character impersonations.

Trick or treat is a tradition, it implies both mischief and reward, both a truth and a lie. 

So for today's blog post we decided to play our very own knitting trick or treat, where a trick is a lie and a treat is a truth. 

Curious which knitting rules, facts and notions are tricks and which are treats? Read on and find out for yourself. 

1. You need to know how to knit to get started

Answer: Trick

This one is a total mind trick because you absolutely don't need to know how to knit to get started. With so many amazing video tutorials we have on YouTube and our extensive instructions, any level knitter can make something they love.

2. Never knot your yarn

Answer: Trick

While some knitters will try to convince you that knotting your yarn to join a new thread is completely unacceptable, we are here to tell you it is a trick. A knot is certainly more likely to be seen with the naked eye if it's in the middle of your knitting, but it is easy to avoid this by hiding it in a seam when joining at the end of a row. 

3. Knitting can be an expensive hobby 

Answer: Treat

Let's face it - we don't knit to save money, we knit to enjoy the process and create beautiful customized pieces we love. So yes, knitting can be pricey. The bigger your project, the more yarn it will require and the more you will spend. But then again, any other hobby, be it tennis or drawing, requires an investment in exchange for the feeling of accomplishment and joy that comes with it. 

4. Wool is itchy and unpleasant to the skin

Answer: Trick

While traditional wool can certainly have the itch factor, the type of wool we sell here at Becozi - Merino wool - is of a different variety. It is so soft, you won't be able to believe it. The difference is in the wool processing, and our wool is in its earliest, purest, softest form, ready for cuddling and wearing with no itchiness involved. 

5. Knitting uses less yarn than crocheting 

Answer: Treat

This one is truly a treat because you get to save money on yarn, and we all love doing that! Yes, chunky knitting uses so much less yarn than crocheting or even regular knitting due to the size of the yarn. It being so thick, you use less and get done in a quarter of the time you'd spend on a regular knitting project. That's one of the main reasons we simply adore chunky knitting!


So make sure you celebrate Halloween in style. Our most favorite Fall colors are mocha, cinnamon and chocolate and do they look amazing in your home, especially this time of year. They remind us of fallen leaves, pumpkin patches and caramel macchiatos. 

Check them out here in our Merino wool section and stock up on these Fall favorites. 

Stay warm and Becozi!