4 Felted Merino Wool Products You'll Love

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By now you've likely heard us mention felted Merino wool as a solid alternative to other chunky yarns. With an array of benefits, felted Merino is an easy choice for households that are looking for a durable, high-quality yarn that will be long-lasting and strong. 

But have you pondered what you can make with felted Merino or perhaps what this particular variety of Merino would be best for? 

Take a look at a few felted Merino products we love best and see which one speaks most to you. 

1. Felted Merino Wool Throw

Regular Merino wool is also called roving, or otherwise known as unspun yarn. Because it's unspun it is very soft. But that softness also makes it more fragile a delicate. 

Not the case with felted Merino. After the yarn undergoes a process to make it stronger, the fibers are coarser and a bit harder, making this an ideal, long-lasting material for things like blankets, rugs, pillows and cushions. 

Get one made for you here or make one for yourself with our DIY Kit

2. Felted Merino Cat Bed

Because of the strength of the fibers of felted Merino, it makes this yarn an ideal choice for pet products. No shedding or pilling, a more durable frame and something your pet will still adore given Merino wool's temperature-balancing properties and antibacterial and antimicrobial nature. 

Get a bed for your furry friend here

3. Round Pillow Felted Merino DIY Kit

With  many more colors added in our felted Merino line, you can really spice up your home decor by learning how to make your very own round pillow. With our instructions to guide you and the yarn at your disposal, this would make for a great Christmas gift to any crafty family member. 

Get your DIY kit here

4. Felted Merino Balls of Yarn 

Feeling like you want to whip something up on your own? Is your creativity or craftiness leading you down a path towards a fun knitting project? Then buying our yarn alone will be a perfect solution for you. 

Our felted Merino yarn can be purchased here in a variety of colors and amounts. 

Whichever product you choose, whether we make it for you or you make it yourself, felted Merino is sure to make for a great addition to your yarn arsenal. 

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Stay warm and BeCozi!