5 "Must Try" Hand knitting projects for this Fall

The Fall is all around us - with yellow and red leaves and colder nights. Halloween is almost here and then - Hello, Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Today we would like to share with you 5 Hand knitting project you must try this Fall!

1. Hand Knit a Jumbo chenille blanket in squares (video tutorial)

One of our most popular video tutorials this Fall - SUPER soft and beautiful blanket Hand knitted with Jumbo chenille yarn in two colors: Ivory and Blush Gray Cream. The video shows a size 30x50 inches made with 3 skiens of Ivory and 3 skeins of Blush Gray cream. For a medium size 45x60 inches you will need 4 skeins of Ivory and 4 skeins of Blush Gray cream ( cast on 20 stitches)

2. Hand Knit a Chunky Chenille Square Pillow (video tutorial)

This pillow will be the best Christmas gift you can make for yourself or your loved ones: soft to cuddle, beautiful decoration in any room. 2 skeins of BeCozi Chuky chenille yarn needed. (40 colors to select from!)

If you prefer Merino wool for a pillow - watch our video tutorial on how to Hand it one here (Oatmeal Merino wool pillow in this picture)

3. How to Hand knit a Basket weave 2x2 blanket 

This video tutorial is available on our Facebook BeCozi Hand Knitting Club. If you are not a member yet, join us today! For a small blanket 30x50 inches you will need 5 skeins of BeCozi Chunky chenille (we used Coral). For a medium size 40x60 inches - 7 skeins.

4. Hand knit your own PUMPKIN! (video tutorial)

The video tutorial showing how to Hand knit a Pumpkin with BeCozi Chunky chenille yarn is also on our Facebook BeCozi Hand Knitting Club. Only ONE skein of BeCozi Chunky chenille yarn and 15 minutes of your time and you will have this super cute Pumpkin: you can use it as a piece of decor or a soft pillow. Try to make it with your children - they will LOVE it!

5. The last but not the least: Hand knit your Chunky HAT! (video tutorial)

Very popular video tutorial - SUPER easy and SO MUCH FUN! Only one skein of our Loopy stitch yarn and 15-20 minutes and you are all set for colder days ahead. We have pom poms for sale also!

Don`t forget to try our NEW SPECKLED Chenille yarn - so beautiful and soft! Hard to find anywhere but at becozi.net

Share pictures of your creations at Facebook BeCozi Hand Knittinc Club!

Stay warm and BeCozi!