5 Reasons Our Vegan Yarn Wins the Gold

As you sit down to watch the Olympics on your favorite living room couch you reach out next to you in search of a blanket. Left hand eating popcorn or another tasty snack, your right hand comes up empty. Where is the blanket? 

You get up and go on a hunt (or even better, make your partner do it for you). But even as you wrap yourself in your afghan or a fleece blanket your toes get chilly and you need to burrow yourself deep under. 

Down with being cold!

We are here to solve your blanket problem once and for all with yarn that gets the gold every time - our vegan chunky yarn

Here are the reasons our vegan chunky yarn consistently gets top marks: 

1. Quality - Level Up

We recently got a new supplier for our vegan chunky yarn and the quality of this yarn just went a whole level up. Even softer and stronger, our vegan chunky balls come in all sorts of colors and are ready to come home to you to get you warm. 

2. It's So Lightweight 

Our vegan chunky yarn is so lightweight, it can compete in pairs figure skating. Lifting it up is an easy task and it weights almost half of the regular Merino yarn. 

Besides making your blanket very light (perfect for walking burrito-style around your apartment), the awesome bonus is that you will need far less yarn to achieve the same size blanket as Merino. 

3. Shedding and Pilling No More

The beauty of vegan chunky yarn is that it has minimal shedding. As the fibers are acrylic they are stronger and do not fray as easily. So that blanket you'll have will serve you for many moons. 

4. No Sheep Were Harmed In the Process

This yarn is acrylic and is not made out of any animal products. No sheep were touched in the making of this chunky material so it's perfect for those following a vegan lifestyle or those with allergies to wool. 

5. It's On Sale! 

What can be better than getting a deal? You can get our vegan chunky yarn now for a sale price. Stock up for that blanket you want as well as any other chunky knitting projects! 

So hurry up and grab this yarn while it's on sale and make yourself a beautiful blanket that will be worthy of the Olympics.

Better yet, let us make one for you - click here to order a custom made blanket for all your home entertainment needs. 

Stay warm and BeCozi!