3 Updates On Our Chenille Yarn You'll Want to Hear About

becozi chenille chunky yarn

Over the last few months we've sung many praises to our chenille yarn. Thick, soft and fluffy it has just enough substance to keep even the most picky chunky knitter happy. Adding to that is the fact that it's so lightweight and portable, you'll want to bring it everywhere. 

Heading to the Alaska on a cruise? Pack your chenille blanket. Off to a watch a movie at a friend's house? Guess what's coming with you. Your kid's going back to college after spring break? Don't forget the chenille blanket that will remind them of home and keep them warm in the dorm. 

Another bonus that comes with chenille's territory is its ease of care and maintenance. No pilling or shedding here; and if you get a stain on it you can easily wash it at home. 

We can keep going about how amazing this yarn is or you can simply head to our earlier blog post about chenille and read all about it

Today we want to share a few updates with you that will get you excited to start knitting with chenille. 

1. It now comes in balls! 

For those who ordered chenille from us in the past - you may remember that it used to be packaged in skeins. We have now changed it to be just like Merino and other yarn we sell and we send your chenille to you in a convenient ball of yarn, perfect for your next project. 

No messy tangles or easy access for your dog to play - balls will be compact and easier for storage. Although we can't guarantee that your cat won't bat it around a bit while you knit. 

Check them out here

2. New year, new colors 

We used to have only six colors for chenille and over the last year we have been steadily adding more. As of today we are up to twelve beautiful shades that will satisfy everyone's needs, from those who are in love with purple to those who can't get enough of white. 

Check them out here

3. It's currently on sale!

No better time to stock up on chenille than now when, for a limited time only, we are putting it on sale. Gear up for spring and summer with a yarn that is lightweight, portable and easy to care for - it will be a perfect companion for all your upcoming adventures. 

Grab yours here

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Stay warm and BeCozi!