5 videos to make you cozy

It is 15F outside in West Michigan and snowing two days in a row. The weather will be this way for the whole week! What can be better in such weather than to knit something soft and warm? Here are some of our new video tutorials to help you out!

1. Heart Pillow

Valentine`s Day is a week away and you still have time to make a beautiful Heart pillow: our newest video tutorial is on YouTube! Two skeins of super cute Pink camo chenille yarn and a heart pillow insert - and you have the cutest Valenitne`s Day pillow ever! You can buy a premade pillow here.

2. Heart Wreath

This gorgeous wreath made with our Plush and Lush Velvet yarn: only one pound is needed and you can buy a heart base on our website too.

3. Garter Stitch Blanket

Did you watch one of our latest video tutorials on how to Hand knit a Garter stitch? It is a very beautiful pattern, you should try it out:

4. Zig Zag Stitch Blanket

One of our most popular new video tutorials: Hand Knit a ZigZag stitch - it is a very simple but really nice looking pattern! 5 skeins of Coral color Chenille yarn was used for a small blanket 30x50 inches in the video.

5. Double Rib Twisted Stitch

The last but not the least video tutorial: Hand Knit a Double Rib Twisted stitch:

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Stay warm and BeCozi!