5 Valentine`s Day Gift to get on sale!

What can be a better gift for Valentine`s Day than something soft and gentle to touch? We have you covered! Get a Chunky knit blanket for your Valentine this this week - these blankets are 20% off till next Saturday! DIY Kits for these yarns are 20% off too!

1.  Merino wool blanket: softest and most beautiful between all chunky blankes!

It is good for decorative purposes mostly as it is made with very gentle fiber.

2. Plush and Lush Velvet yarn blanket - super soft but bulky, can be used on everyday basis and washed!

3. Tube yarn blanket - super bulky, perfect for households with children and pets

4. Felted Merino wool blanket - super strong Merino wool, no shedding or pilling, washable, great for everyday use

5. Vegan yarn blanket - super soft and gentle to touch, great for decorative purposes

Stay warm and BeCozi!