Plush and Lush? Yes, please!

Today we would like to bring more attention to our beautiful and soft yarn - "Plush and Lush" Velvet yarn! It is almost 1.5 inches thick, made with velvet fabric with polyester filling inside. It is perfect for Hand knitting chunky blankets, rugs, pillows, cat beds and much more!

1. Blankets made with Velvet yarn are super soft, they are also shiny and stretchy and perfect to snuggle in on a cold winter day. Velvet yarn blankets do not have any shedding or pilling and can easily be washed in a washer.

2. Pillows! So many choices of patterns!

3.Pets LOVE Velvet yarn beds! Super soft but they are sturdy and hold the form. They can easily be washed

4. With Valentione`s Day approcahing, our Red Velvet yarn is a must to buy!

Make a blanket or a Heart wreath watching our video tutorials:

How to Hand knit a Velvet yarn blanket

How to Make your Heart wreath 

Get some of this amazing yarn, it is available only at!

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Stay warm and BeCozi!