7 New Merino Wool Colors You Will Love

Today is September 1st. In some parts of the world it is officially first day of fall. In many countries in Europe school starts on the 1st. Even Harry Potter boarded Hogwarts Express on the 1st of September. 

With fall come many wonderful things - cooler weather, trees dressed up in gold and red, warm sweaters and cups of hot coffee or tea. Fall is cozy and warm and here at Becozi that's what we are all about. 

Which is why we are incredibly excited to announce the arrival of our new Merino wool colors. Many of them are simply perfect for fall - take a look at the beautiful plum and mocha, olive and navy and we're convinced you will fall in love with them like we have. 

We'd like to officially introduce you to the new colors and show them off so you can pick the one that speaks most to you.

1. Peach

becozi chunky merino wool giant knitting blankets

That's right - peach is back! We stocked peach back in 2015 and 2016 but took it out of the running for the last while. But it's back by popular demand - it's perfect for those not willing to let go of light, summery things quite yet and make a blanket that makes you think of slow summer mornings. 

Get peachy here. 

2. Plum 

becozi chunky merino wool giant knitting blankets

Are you as much of a fan of purple tones as we are? We simply can't resist the gorgeous plum. With tones of both purple and a bit of red, it is the perfect warm tone to spice up a neutral bedroom or living room. 

Stock up on your plum here. 

3. Light green 

becozi chunky merino wool giant knitting blankets

This beautiful light green, almost a seafoam tone, is perfect for pastel decors as it is delicate and soft. With equal parts of green and blue mixed into it, light green can easily complement both blue-toned as well as green-toned rooms in your house. 

Find the light green Merino here. 

4. Dark green 

becozi chunky merino wool giant knitting blankets

This dark green is so deep and rich that it reminds us of a stormy sea at twilight, churning with the waves. It makes us think of The Little Mermaid and all things aquatic, as its predominantly blue blend makes it a perfect color for sea enthusiasts. 

Buy your dark green here. 

5. Olive 

becozi chunky merino wool giant knitting blankets

Ah, that deep dark green! It reminds us of forest nymphs, morning dew on grass and the color of oak leaves at the end of summer. This would be a beautiful addition to any warm-toned room as the olive will balance it out beautifully. 

Grab olive toned Merino here. 

6. Navy


This navy is on the gray scale, so a bit more muted in vibrancy. But it complements yellow tones beautifully. 

Navy is perfect for both light and dark decors: it can serve as a centerpiece of a light room, a visual heavyweight the eye is drawn to. But it can equally blend beautifully into a darker-toned room with colors such as gray and black. 

Buy your navy Merino here. 

7. Mocha

becozi chunky merino wool giant knitting blankets

We can't help it - we love mocha. It makes us think of morning coffee, caramel and toffee - all things we absolutely love. It is an absolute perfect match for light and neutral decors as it warms the room up and makes it more inviting. 

Make sure to buy your mocha Merino yarn for fall here. 

Don't forget that we are discounting some Merino colors so this is the perfect opportunity to grab some beautiful Merino at an amazing discount. Check out our clearance section here for more products. 

So whether it is mocha or plum, make sure to stock up on these beautiful colors today and get started on your next chunky knitting project! Or let us make you the next chunky knit creation that you're going to love.