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Becozi Size Guide: How Much Yarn Will You Need?

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Whether it was by endlessly browsing Pinterest (we don't judge, we're just as addicted) or simply by Googling you have landed on Becozi's homepage and finally found the Merino wool yarn you've been dreaming of. 

You really want to make a blanket. And a scarf for every family member, a pet bed for your fur child and really, you've always known you wanted a gorgeous chunky knit sweater. 

With all these projects on your horizon you are probably wondering how much yarn you'll need to buy for each project or how many stitches to cast for the blanket in your size. 

We have several different yarns for chunky knitting available in our store, so let`s start with the most popular - super chunky Merino wool

Merino Wool

becozi super chunky merino wool knitting yarn giant extreme knit

Super chunky Merino wool is the ideal yarn for making blankets, pillows, rugs and huge scarves.

How much you will need?

For any blanket the rule is this: multiply the length times the width in inches and divide by 380. 

Here is the average amount needed for the most popular products:

  • Cowl/infinity scarf - 0.5-1 lbs;
  • Long scarf - 2 lbs;
  • Cat bed with 16 inch base - 2 lbs;
  • Baby blanket 25x30 inches - 2 lbs;
  • Lap throw 30x50 inches - 4 lbs;
  • Medium size throw 35x60 inches - 6 lbs;
  • Medium size throw 40x60 inches – 7 lbs (our most popular size!);
  • Queen size bed blanket 50x70 inches - 9 lbs;
  • King size bed blanket 60x80 inches - 13 lbs.

When you have decided what size blanket you'd like to make and have purchased your super chunky Merino wool, you are now ready to knit.


Before beginning your knitting project you need to know how many stitches to cast on for your blanket.

Follow this simple rule: divide the length of your blanket by 2.5.

    • Baby blanket 25x30 inches – 10 stitches (25/2.5=10)
    • Lap throw 30x50 inches – 12 stitches (30/2.5=12)
    • Medium size throw 35x60 inches – 14 stitches (30/2.5=14)
    • Medium size throw 40x60 inches – 16 stitches (40/2.5=16)
      (watch our video here showing how to hand knit a blanket 40x60 inches)
    • Queen size bed blanket 50x70 inches – 20 stitches (50/2.5=20)
    • King size bed blanket 60x80 inches - 24 stitches (60/2.5=24)

Vegan Yarn

becozi vegan yarn extreme knitting giant stitch blanket

Another hugely popular Becozi yarn is our super chunky vegan yarn. Much like Merino it's best use if for making blankets, pillows, rugs and huge scarves for those allergic to sheep wool or leading a vegan lifestyle.

It is 100% acrylic but it looks and feels nearly identical to Merino wool!

For this yarn all the measurements above still apply as this vegan yarn is as thick as super chunky Merino wool.

Check out our video here showing how to make a basket weave blanket with super chunky vegan yarn.

Chenille Yarn

becozi extreme knitting super chunky yarn chenille

Chenille yarn is a huge crowd pleaser. Lightweight, easy to clean and still heavenly soft it is no wonder people love it.

It is much thinner than super chunky Merino wool or vegan yarn so the measurements will differ. 

We recommend to use Chenille with our size 50 needles

How much you will need:

  • A cowl/infinity scarf: one skein
  • A long scarf: two skeins
  • Cat bed: two skeins
  • Shawl: two skeins
  • Baby blanket 25x28 inches: one skein (12 stitches to cast on)
  • Lap size throw 30x50 inches: three skeins (14 stitches to cast on)
  • Full size bed runner/Medium Throw 40x60: five skeins (19 stitches to cast on)
    (check out our how to video for knitting this blanket here)
  • Full/Queen size bed runner 50x60 inches: six skeins (24 stitches to cast on)
  • King size bed runner 50x80 inches: eight skeins (24 stitches to cast on)

Skinny Merino Wool

becozi skinny merino wool yarn extreme knitting giant stitch

And last but not least - our beautiful skinny merino wool.

It is only half an inch thick but it is 100% pure, highest quality Australian Merino wool that was spun specifically for your crafting needs. You can hardly find this yarn anywhere else and Becozi is very proud to carry it in our online store.

No shedding, pilling and it can be hand washed. It is, hands down, the best choice for knitting hats, scarves, socks and the most intricate sweaters. A sweater made out of skinny merino will be beautifully textured, warm and perfectly soft for all your winter activities. 

We recommend to use Skinny Merino wIth our size 50 needles

How much you will need:

  • Cowl scarf-1 skein
  • Long scarf - 2 skeins
  • Poncho/Shawl - 2 skeins
  • Medium size sweater - 4-5 skeins
  • Baby blanket 20x28 inches - 2 skeins ( 15 stitches to cast on)
  • Lap throw 30x50 inches - 4 skeins (20 stitches to cast on)
  • Medium throw 40x60 inches - 7 skeins (25 stitches to cast on)

Try doubling up two strands of skinny merino yarn for a chinkier yarn with fun texture: great for making a small blanket or a thicker sweater. 

For inspiration take a look at our video here on how to crochet a shrug with this beautiful yarn. 

Whether you decide to purchase Merino wool, vegan yarn or chenille for your next project don't forget to join our community Facebook group and post your work in progress and any questions that may come up.

Stay warm and BeCozi! 

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