Bad news and good news

When there is bad news and good news...

Let`s start with the bad news: if you heard about the situation with ships delivering goods through the Red Sea, you probably know that almost all ships are now avoiding that route. They have to go all the way around thre world which increases the prices of shipping and prices for goods. And although our yarn does not come through the Red Sea - everybody in US will be affected by this situaton because prices for delivery of all goods are rising and will keep doing it for many months ahead.
What does it mean for us? We will have to increase the prices for the yarn as well as all the other yarn sellers in US. We will try to keep them low as long as possible but we would like you to know what is coming to the US market.
What does it mean for you? You can buy some yarn now when it is still on the same price!

Now, to the GOOD NEWS: our new stock of yarn has arrivied on Thursday: go get some of the colors you have been waiting for!

New video tutorial is coming this weekend to our YouTube channel: Hand knit a Patriotic Round Pillow:

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