Why to Buy BeCozi Yarn?

Why to buy BeCozi yarn?

There are lots of people who are Hand knitting blankets with Chunky chenille yarn nowadays. Many of them are member of multiple Facebook groups sharing ideas and pictures of finished products.
There is one of the most popular questions in majority of these groups:
Where do you buy your Chunky chenille yarn?
Different answers are there and we are happy to see when many of our customers answer they prefer BeCozi yarn. But if you are not sure why, here are the facts to consider when deciding where to buy your yarn:

BeCozi was the first company introducing Chunky chenille yarn to the US yarn market back in March 2016. We went a long way creating the BEST Chunky chenille yarn on the market with the biggest collection of Chunky chenille yarns in US and in the world. Our customers prefer our yarn because it is of the best quality.

2. COLORS: BeCozi has the biggest collection of colors of the Chunky chenille yarn in the US and in the world. Most of the colors were custom created by BeCozi are now copied by craft stores and individuals. We create new colors as well as new variations of Chuky chenille yarn all the time and most of them are available ONLY at becozi.com: Variegated chenille yarn, Tie-dye chenille yarn, Jumbo chenille yarn, Plush chenille yarn, Sparkly chenille yarn.

3. PRICE: many customers compare BeCozi yarn to other yarn and state that our yarn is more expensive. That is not exactly true: 
- BeCozi Chunky chenille yarn is $8.99 per a skein of 8 oz. The skeins are always at least 8.2 oz, never 8 oz, it means that there is a bit more yarn on each skein.
- The length of our yarn is 26-27 yards, not 24. It is the same as Hobby Lobby yarn but our yarn is mush softer and more beautiful than Hobby Lobby ever been. Also, we checked Hobby Lobby yarn a few times and their skeins are shorter than their label says. It can happen to any yarn from any supplier.
- Many customers compare our yarn to Michael`s yarn stating that Michales yarn is 10 oz per skein, so it is cheaper. Let`s do the math, without discounts:
BeCozi yarn: $8.99 per skein of 26-27 yards and
Michael`s yarn: $12.99 per skein of 30 yards.
It means that Michael`s yarn is $10.55 if their skein is $26-27 yards!
The difference is $1.56 more for a skein of Michael`s yarn than for a skein of BeCozi yarn.

4. DISCOUNTS: NOBODY has so many discounts as BeCozi does!
- 10% off for the first order when sign up to our newsletter:
- 5% after the first order;
- 10% off after the second order and for all future orders up to 20 orders:
- 15% off if you ordered 20 times from becozi.net
- 20% off if you ordered 50 times from becozi.net

5. BULK ORDER DISCOUNTS: you can get it only at becozi.net
- 15% off on orders of 30 and more skeins;
- 20% off on orders of 60 and more skeins.
If you would like to order 30 skeins:$8.99 - $1.35 (15% off) = $7.64 per skein
If you would like to order 60 skeins: $8.99 - $1.79 (20% off) = $7.20 per skein.

6. We have SALES for every Holiday which is every month.

7. The Last but not the Least:

- you support small, local, American business run by a woman like you;
- you support 5 families in West Michigan who work for BeCozi for many years;
- you have the best Customer support: if something is not right with your order - we are always here to help you;
- you have access to 270 video tutorials on YouTube channel - video tutorials created to teach you how to Hand knit by a creator of Hand knitting style - Larissa Koedyker;
- you have access to two Hand knitting groups on Facebook.
- Our company donates to local and overseas places supporting people in need of food, shelter and escaping wars.