6 best Christmas gift ideas

And just like that two Summer months are gone. Pretty soon we will start thinking about gifts for Christmas - are you one of those people who start Christmas shopping in July or the one who waits till Thanksgiving? No matter in what category you are,  it is always a good idea to start planning to Hand knit someting for a Chistmas gift early. We are here to help you with a showcase of some great ideas!

1. Our newest creation: Square pillow

This square pillow is so cute, it will be a great addition to any room in your house. Seamless pattern and combination of a few colors makes it a "must have". Watch our newest video tutorial to make one yourself. You will need 2 skeins of BeCozi Chunky chenille yarn for the pillow and 1/4 of another skein for the border.

2. Cable knit Merino wool blanket

There is something special in Cable knit pattern in Merino wool! You can make it watching our video tutorial or order one if you want us to make it for you.

3. Twisted stitch blanket:

This pretty simple pattern looks amazingly good Hand knitted with BeCozi Chunky chenille yarn and our video tutorial showing how to make it is one of our most popular ones!  You will need 5 skeins of BeCozi Chunky chenille for a small throw 30x50 inches. You can also order one we will make for you. (Picture: Gray color)

4. Cat bed or a basket

If you have a cat or a small dog, they would love this cat bed. You can also use it as a basket for your yarn. Watch our video to make it. You can get some felted Merino wool to make it here.

5. Pulled Ribbing Stitch

Another pretty simple but very beautiful looking pattern. You can make one yourself watching our video tutorial: 5 skeins of BeCozi Chunky chenillle for a small throw 30x50 inches. Color used: Cappucino, Tan, Oatmeal, Ivory, White.

6. "Buffalo Plaid" Pattern Jumbo chenille blanket

This blanket is as beautiful as soft and gentle to touch. Another very popular video tutorial showing how to Hand knit this blanket. 6 skeins of Jumbo chenille yarn for a small blanket 30x50 inches. 3 of each color, we use Ivory and Blush Gray Cream.

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Stay comfy and BeCozi!