Meeting one of BeCozi biggest FANS!

It is always amazing to hear stories of our wonderful customers: how a fact of finding our videos and yarn has changed their lives. These stories are our greatest inspiration!

BeCozi does not have a store, but we have an office in Holland, MI and we are always happy to see our customers here: local people or those who are visiting our town and stopping in to see where all the chunky yarn comes from!

This week we had a chance to meet one of our biggest fan - a young man Aaron who came to Holland, Michigan all the way from Oregon! Aaron learned about BeCozi by watching one of our video tutorials on YouTube and because he was a talented knitter himself, he fell in love with Hand knitting style and our yarn. Aaron had an interview with BeCozi creator - Larissa Koedyker - for his school project a few years ago and became our loyal follower and customer. We love to see his comments on many of our video tutorials on YouTube!

Aaron wanted to come to our office and see where all the Hand knitting magic happens in person really much. So this year he travelled to Chicago and then to Michigan to visit BeCozi with his Mom and sister!

Aaron has knitted many beautiful blankets and pillows watching BeCozi videos. We are so proud to affect life of this wonderful young man in this beautiful way!

If you have a story to share about your life affected by BeCozi, please, share it with us, we would love to hear it!

Meanwhile, we have a new video tutorial "How to Hand knit a Chunky Pumpkin"!

You will need only one skein of our Jumbo chenille for this project. Chunky chenille will work also!

Share your creations on our Facebook Hand knitting club (please, answer all questions to be accepted into the group)

Stay comfy and BeCozi!