Can I Wash My Merino Wool Blanket?

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Through several years of running BeCozi our team has been discovering many new things about the amazing super chunky Merino wool. We've learned about its supreme softness, unlike so many other wool types that itch when they come in contact with the skin. We have praised its hypoallergenic, moisture wicking and even antibacterial properties, as the fiber is so fine that bacteria can't attach to it. We shared with you its temperature regulating mechanisms and its ability to warm you up on cold days and cool you down in the heat.
What is called super chunky Merino wool is the unspun wool of the Australian Merino sheep. Precisely because it is unspun it is so soft and gentle to the touch. But also because it is unspun, Merino wool is prone to shedding and pilling when used.
Merino wool products are intended for gentle use and decorative purposes. As any other product Merino wool blanket (or any other knit product) will get older with use. The more it is used, the faster the fiber will get old.
There is nothing more beautiful than a giant knitted Merino wool blanket on a bed or a sofa. But not everybody can handle the flyaways that are typical to Merino wool when used.
A good solution to shedding and pilling is dry cleaning, but care should be taken to select a dry cleaner equipped with special machinery for cleaning woolen products.
But there is another way to make your blanket shed less - simply wash it at home.
We have been asked the same question over and over - can I wash my Merino wool blanket? And we typically responded that it was not recommended. Washing wool can felt it: making it thinner, harder to the touch and not quite as appealing.
But through a series of experiments we learned that blankets CAN BE washed and all you need is your washing machine and our instructions to follow. Following these instructions is extremely important otherwise you risk making your beautiful blanket look like an unusable piece of wool.



Washing Merino wool blanket in cold water means semi felt it: the wool will become thinner,  harder and not as fluffy as before; but it will become more durable, not shedding or pilling and lasting longer;
- Merino wool blankets can be washed in FRONT LOAD machine only, with NO AGITATOR;
- ONLY COLD WATER can be used. No lukewarm or warm water;
- WOOL(EN) option on washing machine must be selected;
- If Wool(en) option is not available, QUICKEST GENTLE cycle must be selected: 15-25 min, NO longer than 25 min;
- Use MILD laundry detergent, 1/3 of a cup;
- Use ONLY FULL LOAD: if your blanket weight is less than 6 lbs – add some clothing of the SAME color to have a completely FULL LOAD (not empty space left) make sure to have full load otherwise the blanket will be over felted and hard;
- We recommend to wash your Merino blanket ONLY ONCE and then to use a dry cleaning for cleaning it once in 6-12 months depending on usage;
- Washing your blanket will stop shedding and pilling. The wool will become a bit harder, not as fluffy but more durable and long lasting;
- You can spread out the fibers right after the blanket is washed by pulling them apart with your fingers/hands: it will take some time to go through every stitch but this way the fiber will be much fluffier than if you do not do it;
- After it is washed: hang the blanket on a drying rack, ABSOLUTELY NO DRYER;
- Once dry, gently cut all the flyaways with scissors;
- Enjoy your blanket!
Disclaimer:  The results vary depending on a laundry machine you will use: some laundry machines are too powerful and can felt the wool even if you follow all the instructions above. 

So if you have a super chunky Merino wool blanket or are thinking about getting one - washing it following the above mentioned method will give you a durable blanket with minimal or no shedding and pilling.

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Get some amazing Merino wool or a ready made blanket and be ready for the quickly approaching fall and winter!