5 Reasons Why You'll Love Our Chunky Vegan Yarn

becozi vegan yarn chunky knit blanket

While Merino wool's popularity has been steadily rising in the last year, few people have heard of its distant relative: the super chunky acrylic yarn or as we call it here at Becozi - vegan yarn

Today we would like to make official introductions and make sure you are familiar with this lovely chunky yarn as it very well may be the best choice for your next knitting project. 

Here are the five reasons why you'll love our super chunky vegan yarn

1. Just As Soft As Merino Wool 

becozi super chunky vegan yarn blanket

You heard it right - our vegan yarn is just as thick, chunky and soft as the actual Merino wool. It feels wonderful to the touch and creates the same cozy sense of comfort as Merino. 

2. It's Very Light 

becozi super chunky vegan yarn blanket

One of downsides of super chunky Merino is its weight. Once you start making a larger blanket the weight quickly adds up. 

Not the case with vegan yarn - it's incredibly lightweight and portable despite being the same thickness as Merino! Walking around wrapped in our chunky blanket became that much easier - simply make it out of our vegan yarn. 

3. Soft but strong 

becozi super chunky vegan yarn blanket

Another perk of super chunky vegan yarn is that it has minimal shedding and pilling. The vegan yarn is pretty durable and it will leave no trace behind. 

4. It's Less Expensive 

becozi super chunky vegan yarn cat bed

Who doesn't love a great deal? Well, our vegan yarn is exactly that. Same wonderful properties as the Merino yarn but at a fraction of the cost. You can make a large blanket out of our vegan yarn and end up spending much less. 

5. More New Colors Added

becozi super chunky vegan yarn blanket

We heard your requests for additional colors and we are now happy to offer more color variety for our vegan yarns. We've added pink powder, blush, ivory, ash, peach and burgundy to make your next knitting project perfect! 

Go ahead and check out our vegan yarn here and see it for yourself. We are positive you will love it! 

Let us know what type of project you'd love to work on with our vegan yarn in the comments. 

Stay warm and BeCozi!