Learn hand knitting with BeCozi!

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BeCozi's YouTube channel was born in February 2016 and since then we have posted regular video tutorials bringing our customers and followers the information they were seeking: how many stitches were needed for a project, how to start casting, how to make Merino wool products starting from the most basic to much more complex.

Since then we have posted over 70 video tutorials showing how to arm and hand knit as well as knit using our giant needles.

The majority of our videos use the hand knitting method since our creator - Larissa Koedyker - is the inventor of this wonderful knitting method that is so easy to learn. Larissa began hand knitting in the Fall of 2015 when chunky knitting was becoming very popular. However every method involved arm knitting which Larissa found more straining on the arms and hands. Seeking a different approach she began experimenting with hand knitting and saw instant benefits: being able to see your knitting and not having heavy Merino wool yarn on your arms being a few of them.

Today we wanted to round up a few of our favorite knitting tutorials that introduce you to every knitting method: arm knitting, hand knitting and needle knitting. Try all three and see which one fits you best and let us know in the comments what it ends up being for you. 

How to hand knit a blanket 40x60 inches: (click on picture)

  How to arm knit a blanket: (click on picture)

 How to knit with giant needles: (click on picture)

For a fun bonus here is one of our most popular videos: How to hand knit a cat bed: (click on picture)

 This year we will continue posting new video tutorials every week to bring more instruction and creativity to you.

We will demonstrate how to hand knit the most popular blanket sizes in various types of yarn that we offer in our shop: super chunky Merino wool, super chunky vegan yarn (new awesome colors recently added, check them out!) and our new popular additions - chunky chenille and felted super chunky Merino wool.

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Stay warm and BeCozi!