Fall In Love With Our Skinny Merino...Before It's Too Late!

When choosing yarn for a knitting project it is easy to get overwhelmed. With hundreds of colors to peruse, textures to experience and thickness to consider it is no wonder we spend hours at a knitting store, be it in person or online. 

But much like with people, once you find the yarn you know is meant for you - you are a lover for life. 

Today we would like to give you one last chance to fall in love with our beautiful Skinny Merino wool before we discontinue it and it's gone from our store. 

But before sending you out on a blind date with our Skinny Merino we want to make sure you are well-acquainted and ready for your next knitting project together. 

Here is what you need to know about this beautiful yarn: 

  • Skinny Merino wool is made from the same Australian Merino sheep as our super chunky kind. It retains the same incredible properties of any Merino wool - it's antibacterial, moisture-wicking and regulates body temperature keeping your body feeling just right.

  • What sets Skinny Merino apart from its chunky cousin is its thickness: Super chunky Merino is 2.5-3 inches thick while skinny Merino is only 0.5 inches thick.skinny vs chunky merino becozi extreme knitting

  • Skinny Merino is ideal for making knitwear: sweaters, vests, ponchos, hats, scarves, leg warmers, you name it. It is much easier to manipulate into more complicated patterns than the super chunky Merino.

  • Items made out of skinny Merino are easily styled, easily worn and easily maintained in comparison to the super chunky kind because the yarn has already gone through several refinishing processes. Therefore it does not shed or pill as much as Merino. 

Are you falling in love yet? Ready to take Skinny Merino out for a spin? We thought so. 

Here are some awesome ideas to get you started on using Skinny Merino yarn for your next knitting adventure!

1. Skinny Merino Medium Throw

becozi skinny merino chunky yarn 

2. Skinny Merino Sweater

3. Skinny Merino Wool Shawl

So don't wait - hurry and get our gorgeous Skinny Merino wool before it's completely gone.

To top off this match made in heaven we are discounting the yarn with 20% off!

Find your favorite color and get going on that knitting project you've been wanting to do for months - no better time than today. 

Stay warm, BeCozi and don't let our Skinny Merino leave our store for good without finding love in being used in the making of something amazing.