Fall is almost here!

Who does not like to receive a package in mail? You are waiting for a mailman in an anticipation of that cool thing you purchased and counting days and then hours before it arrivies. 

That is how we feel waiting for our new stock of yarn to arrive: looking at the tracking number every day, checking how fast it is moving on its way to our warehouse. Then the day comes and let us tell you - it is a very busy day! Unloading lots and lots of boxes, placing them all in their designated areas and then starting shipping as we now have a long list of waiting customers! All yarn is in stock now with new colors of Chunky and Jumbo chenille.

It is very exciting and the most important - we LOVE what we do!

BeCozi has started as a small home run hobby at the end of 2015, it is now the business changing lives: we receive emails from our customers almost every day thanking us for our videos on YouTube teaching how to Hand knit as this amazingly fun technique, created by us in 2015, is literally changing lives! Customers with chronic conditions like Arthritis and Parkinson`s find themselve enjoying Hand kntting with no physical limitations. Hand knitting improves your mood, helps to releif stress and reduce anxiety. During these unprecendented times of COVID-19 and constant lockdowns - Hand knitting is a rescue to many, many of our customers. We are so happy to help you, friends!  We are constantly working on improving the quality of the yarn, we bring new colors for our yarns, we create new patterns and video tutorials as fast as we can. 

This week, there is a new video tutorial - showing how to Hand knit an amazingly beautiful two color Merino wool round pillow. You will need only 0.5 lbs of two colors of our Merino wool and a pillow insert which you can purchase here.

This pillow can also be made with our Tube or Velvet yarn. Plan to make it with your children as a weekend project - they will LOVE making this cute pillow for themselves!

P.S. These Variegated colors are still on sale for $5.99/skein: Raspberry sorbet, Raibow and Blue Raspberry

Our Gray blue color has some green spots over gray and we are selling it for only $3.99/skein:

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Stay safe and BeCozi!