5 Best Videos for Hand Knitting This Fall + SALE!

Happy almost Fall! Here, at BeCozi, we LOVE Fall as it means more knitting and we LOVE KNITTING! Not just knitting, we love HAND KNITTING and we also love to share our love with the world! That was a reason we started our YouTube Channel in May of 2016 and by this time we have over 100 video tutorials there. They are absolutely free and available for everybody. We post a new video tutorial 2-4 times a month and If you subscribe to our YouTube channel - you will receive an email with a new video tutorial as soon as we post it there. Subscribe to our YouTube channel not to miss this amazing opportunity to see our new videos. (Click on Subscribe link under a video)

The first video we would like to share with you today:

1. How To Hand Knit a Jumbo Chenille Blanket

Jumbo Chenille yarn has been everybody`s favorite since we introduced it to the world in summer of 2018. Custom made for BeCozi, super soft, fluffy and gentle to touch, this yarn is one of a kind. If you did not try it yet - you should definitely do it this Fall. And this video will help you to make one of the softest blankets you have ever had!

2. How to Hand Knit a Fall Colors Blanket

This blanket is hand knitted with three Fall colors of our chunky chenille yarn: Chocolate (2), Persimmon (2) and Mustard (1) and it is as bright as Fall itself!

It is fun pattern: double basket weave and it looks beautiful on multi colored or a single color blanket. Watch our  video tutorial and bring some Fall into your house!

Some of our videos are available on our website only, check them out here.

3. How to Hand Crochet a Dog Bed

If you have a dog or a cat - you should try to hand crochet this bed for them with our super chunky or felted Merino wool; your pet will LOVE soft Merino yarn and will spend long, joyful hours in their new bed. Watch our video tutorial and make this bed in no time!

4. How To Hand Crochet a Chunky Ottoman 

As days become shorter and we will spend more time inside watching TV or sitting in front of a fireplace, a Chunky Ottoman would be very handy! Here is a video showing how to make one with our Tube yarn ( Scroll down to see this video) You can also use our new Velvet yarn

5. How To Make a Merino Wool Pom Pom

We LOVE Pom Poms! They are such a cute addition to practically anything! Scarf - add pom poms, blanket - add pom poms, hat - POM POM is needed! And we have some for you: You can order a DIY kit for a Pom Pom or a Blanket with a Pom Pom. Or watch a video and make one with Merino wool leftovers

This Sunday we will have a new video tutorial: How to make your Fall wreath!


Good news: this week, ALL our chenille yarns are 50 cents less and you can still apply a 10% off coupon!

Where do you store your knitted blanket? Or where you are placing your knitted blanket when giving it to your family member or a friend? Or may be a customer? You need a BLANKET BAG! And we have it for you: Storage bags with BeCozi logo and simple white bags with no logo as well as BeCozi tote bags for a small blanket or to keep your yarn handy. Find all our bags here.

Stay safe and BeCozi!