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Four Accessories You Should Try Now!

We all know that details play a huge role in any project. The same is for any knitting project - a small accessory can make your knitting project much easier and more pleasurable. Here, at BeCozi, we have some accessories you should try with your next knitting project:

BeCozi Storage Bag

Did you know we have three sizes storage bags that are perfect for a blanket you will knit? Small - for a blanket 30x50 inches and under or anything else small: a pillow, a cat bed or a small rug. Medium bag is for blankets 40x60 inches and 50x60 inches or two blankets if you are giving two blankets away. A big bag is for a huge blanket 70x80 inches and bigger or two big blankets together. 

A bag has a zipper and a handle to carry it around.

Felting Tools

If you are knitting with Merino wool, felted Merino or vegan yarn - you should consider buying a felting needles and felting mat. Felting needles and a mat will make your process of connecting this yarns together a blast: super fast and easy and not noticeable where it was connected on a knitted project at all. 

Connecting with these tools is easy: fluff out the ends of the yarn to connect, place one on the top of another on the felting mat and then poke the yarn with the felting needle from both sides until the yarn is connected properly.

Pom Poms

If you think pom poms are only for the winter knitting projects, we are here to give you some suggestions for your current knitting project:

- Blankets: attach four pom poms on the corners of any blanket you knit and it will be so much better looking, you will be surprised!

- Pillows: if you knit a pillow, attach the pom poms on the corners/sides and you will have the cutest pillow ever.


- A knitted bag with pom poms: Summer is the perfect time to knit a bag! We are planning to have a video tutorial for a bag similar to this one next week, stay tuned.




And last for not the least, our very new addition: BeCozi tote bags!

BeCozi Tote Bags are perfect for storage of your yarn or a knitted blanket

Convenient Size: 18x20 inches. Made with cotton fabric with BeCozi logo on the front. Get our tote bag for your knitting projects or to carry around!

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Stay comfy and BeCozi!


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