3 Hand knitting projects you should not miss!

Spring is all around us - Sun is shining brighter, days are longer, many places around US have grass growing and leaves coming out. And Easter is just a few weeks away! Here are three of our new video tutorials you should watch and knitting/crochet projects you should make yourself:

1. Hand Knit Chunky Cardigan: super soft and chunky, it will make you warm during those chilly Spring days.

Watch a video tutorial to make it here. You will need 6 skeins of Chunky chenille yarn for a size S-M, 8 skeins for size L-XL.

2. Hand Crochet a Dog Bed with BeCozi "Plus and Lush" Velvet yarn:

3 lbs of Velvet yarn is needed for a medium size; for a dog up to 25 lbs

3. Our newest video tutorial: "How to Hand Knit a Peep Bunny/Easter Bunny"

You will need only one skein of our Chunky chenille yarn and some stuffing 

The video will be available on YouTube till Easter, then will be moved to our website only

Happy Knitting and BeCozi!