Spring Cleaning!

Spring is here: we love Sunshine and warmer weather and can`t wait for the trees and grass to become green!

Spring is usually the time of the year when we try to clean our houses.

Here, at BeCozi we are doing the same: we are doing Spring cleaning!

Check out our Clearance section: LOTS of unique and beautiful products for everyone:

1. Merino wool blanket, Cable knit, Ivory color. Perfect decorative piece for your bed or a couch.

2. Merino wool square pillows: they look amazing in a bedroom!

3. We have a new color of Chunky chenille yarn in stock - Cinnamon. And also one of our old colors is back in stock - Cappuccino! Look how great they look together in this blanket:


4. Vegan Yarn Cardigan: look at this bright and cute Cardigan! You can not find anything like that anywhere!


5. Cat bed: this cute bed is made with our Velvet yarn, your cat will LOVE it!

6. We have many pillows for sale too!

7. The last but not the least! Ice blue Merino wool throw, 35x60 inches in Seed pattern:


Check out our Clearance section and find something for yourself!

Stay happy and BeCozi!