6 Reasons to Get Your Fill of BeCozi Chenille!

 becozi chunky knit supplier merino chenille tube yarn giant stitch

By now nearly everyone in the world has heart of chunky knitting. Some call it extreme knitting, others lovingly dub it giant knitting. Whichever term you personally use, it refers to knitting yarn that is as thick as two fingers put together. 

There may be many varieties of chunky yarn, but today we want to sing praises to chenille, Merino yarn's distant cousin. 

Why are we all so obsessed with it? There are a few reasons, and today we'd like to share them with you, just in case you were not fully in the fan club yet. 

So here are our top reasons why you should definitely get your fill of BeCozi chenille yarn and the main one is - BeCozi is the ONLY place where you can find 37 (!!) colors of chenille yarn and our quality is the best on the market.

1. It's really thick

becozi chunky knit supplier merino chenille tube yarn giant stitch

This one may sound obvious to you, but don't scroll down just yet. Chunky yarn is very fun to knit with, but what makes it over-the-top amazing is how fast you can make a finished product. 

Gone are the days when you would sit by the fire and knit 3 rows per day, finally finishing that afghan in the summer 6 months later.

With chunky yarn, knitting is lightning fast! Boom, and you're done. Admiring your work, ready for the next project! 

2. You can wash it! 

becozi chunky knit supplier merino chenille tube yarn giant stitch

Yes, really! We are not kidding. Spilled some milk over your favorite blanket? No big deal. Had a bit too much fun eating chocolate stretched out on your chenille rug? No worries.

Throw it in the cold wash and, being 100% polyester, it will wash away any dirt, dust or anything else you may have spilled on it. 

No shedding, no piling, just pure softness and joy! 

3. Tiny humans and furry friends friendly

You love your kids and your pets, but we get it - things can get messy fast. Orange juice here, some kibble there. But while things get messy, they don't have to stay that way. Because chenille is not as delicate as Merino yarn and can be used repeatedly.

Chenille pet beds, blankets, bed sets, etc. will not show wear and tear as much as Merino will. They will stay perfectly fluffy and soft without losing any of the yarn's elasticity. 

So they are perfectly child- and pet-friendly! Go ahead and spread it out in the backyard for your baby to play on!

4. It's affordable

While other chunky yarns can pack a punch to your shopping cart, chenille is a much more economical yarn to play with. 

It's less expensive compared to other chunky yarns and will help you buy more pounds for less money. 

Which means - more fun and more knitting! So go ahead and stock up and start knitting today!

5. It's light and portable

No, really! Those of you who have ordered or made Merino wool or tube yarn blankets know that those yarns are generally pretty heavy. They are great for weighted blankets for reducing anxiety and improving sleep, but for those who prefer a lighter version - chenille is the way to go. 

Chenille yarn's lightness makes it ideal for transport and travel - whether it's for camping, watching fireworks or cozying up on your porch swing. 

6. It's vegan! 

No sheep were touched in the making of chenille yarn. Whether you lead a vegan lifestyle or you are allergic to wool, chenille is a perfect alternative to Merino wool or other yarns that are wool-based. 

So whether it is for a picnic with your sweetie or for watching the 4th of July fireworks, chenille has got you covered. 

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Enjoy your chenille yarn and BeCozi!