Pre-order our "Hand Knitting" BOOK!

We would like to share very exiciting news with you today: BeCozi founder and owner - Larissa Koedyker - has written a book called "Hand Knitting"! This was an idea for a very long time and it is finally a reality: September 1, 2021 is the day of publishing!

Another piece of great news: the book can be pre-ordered now and will be shipped after September 1, 2021. Pre-ordered books will be signed with a personal message from Larissa Koedyker

This book is one of a kind: there is nothing like that on the book market! It is about Larissa Koedyker, BeCozi company and mostly - about Hand knitting: everybody`s favorite and new patterns, explained in details with easy to follow pictures.

If you familair with Hand knitting - you would like to get this book to become even better Hand knitter! If you are not familair with Hand knitting - it is your chance to learn this easiest and the most fun way of knitting!

Pre-order our "Hand knitting" book here!