How Hand Knitting Was Born & Our Favorite Hand Knitting Videos

becozi chunky knit merino wool blanket 

One day while browsing the internet a woman in a small West Michigan town stumbled upon a video that contained an arm knitting tutorial with thick Merino wool. Being a knitter all her life she was instantly taken with the thickness of the yarn and the beauty of the finished product.

Having found a bit of yarn to work with she began hger first attempt at arm knitting. Despite knitting knowledge and prowess her progress was slow and her arms and hands quickly tired from the weight of the yarn.

She put down her knitting on her dining room table to rest her arms. As she looked down she saw the knitting in front of her and realized she doesn't need her arms to knit this - she only needs her hands

That day Becozi was born. The woman in the story - Larissa Koedyker - is the owner and founder of Becozi and the inventor of the hand knitting technique that so many around the world now love and employ in their projects. Watch our intro video here to learn more. 

What began as an experiment turned into a fierce passion. First year all hand knitted products were made on a small addition to her desk made by her husband. Later Larissa designed a special table  for hand knitting that was custom made for her. There are three of these tables at BeCozi office now.

Larissa started using her knitting knowledge to come up with new patterns and designs, all while posting tutorial videos on Becozi's YouTube channel. Her passion for the yarn and desire to share this wonder with the world has produced over 70 videos and nearly 18,000 subscribers. 

Today we would like to share some of these videos with you to both help the world learn our history as well as get you inspiration about chunky knitting projects you can start working on as soon as next week. 

1. How to hand knit a Merino wool blanket

Our most popular video to date is on how to make a queen size Merino wool blanket. Queen size is the most popular knitting size. It's relatively quick and easy to make and most folks absolutely love having a spread on their bed to help them stay warm at night. 

2. How to hand knit a Merino wool sweater 

Chunky knits are all the rage these days and sweaters are no exception. If you want a statement piece that no one else will have and that will earn you many oohs, aahs and "Where did you get that?" - this sweater project is for you. 

3. How to hand knit a Merino wool cat bed 

Despite their natural fur our feline friends love warm and cozy places. A Merino wool pet bed happens to be the perfect solution. Circular design attracts even the most shy kitty - watch them cozy up in their bed in no time. 

What is your favorite Becozi video? What was your most inspiring project to date? Share with us in comments, tag us in your projects on social media platforms and help us spread the word about chunky knits and the beauty of giant knitting. 

Stay warm and BeCozi!