Meet Our New Ultra Soft Chenille Yarn!

becozi ultra soft chunky chenille yarn

You think you know what soft is but we are here to redefine chenille yarn and blow your mind with the newest member of the BeCozi family. 

For the last several months we have been working on creating chenille that is unlike any other - thicker and softer, leading you to create the ultimate chenille knits. 

We are so excited to announce that our work has been paid off and BeCozi is now stocked with this incredible new yarn. 

We are calling it BeCozi Ultra Soft Chenille and once you get your hands on it you will understand why. 

Here are some quick facts about the new yarn:

1. It's Truly Huggable 

becozi ultra soft chenille yarn chunky knitting

This yarn is very very soft, even softer than BeCozi's regular chunky chenille.

2. It's Chunkier 

becozi ultra soft chenille yarn chunky knitting

Our new Ultra Soft Chenille is thicker than the regular chenille: it measures 1 inch thick comparing to 2/3 inch thick of BeCozi's chunky chenille.

3. It's Totally Exclusive 

 becozi ultra soft chenille yarn chunky knitting

This gorgeous yarn was custom made for our store and is not available anywhere else. You are getting a product that is superior to anything on the market.

Just imagine what a blanket made out of our Ultra Soft Chenille will look and feel like in your home!

We will continue to carry our regular chunky chenille for those who are loyal to this yarn. We are simply adding a product that will bring your knitting to a new level. 

Excited to try it out? Head over here to order some for yourself and get your knitting going! 

Don't forget to post your work in progress or finished product on our Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page! 

Stay warm, BeCozi and happy Spring!