Frequently Asked Questions on Knitting with Merino Wool


Whether you are just starting out with giant knitting or you've made dozens of blankets for yourself and all your friends there are questions that arise that you are not sure how to answer. 

Many of you are part of our Becozi's Giant Knitting Club on Facebook and post your questions in the group which is a great way to get the help and support you need. 

For those who are not in the club or who simply want a quick reference guide to bookmark and come back to we have put together some of our most frequently asked questions and the answers to them. 

Feel free to comment below with other burning questions of yours - we are happy to add to this post and compile a great guide. 


What is the best project for a beginner?

The best project to start with if you are just starting out is a simple blanket in a braid pattern. You will get all the info and support you need in our videos as well as the instructions you will receive with your DIY Kit

I missed a stitch in the beginning. What do I do?

Unfortunately there is no magical turn around for this - you will have to unspool the yarn and go back to the missed stitch to prevent your project from unraveling.

How do I wash my blanket?

Super chunky Merino wool needs to be dry cleaned. Smaller items can be hand washed by soaking in a sink for 5-10 minutes in cold water with a tiny drop of a wool friendly soap. Using a washing machine is not recommended as all laundry machines are different and most of them are too powerful to handle the delicate Merino yarn. The consequence of machine washing will be fully felted wool which makes it hard and thin.

Do I need to felt my Merino wool?

Felting is completely optional and not necessary if you would rather skip this step. For the uses and benefits of felting check out our blog post here

How do I felt my Merino wool?

Follow the instructions in our video here to felt your yarn before knitting. 

How much wool do I need?

Take a look at our video here to find out how much yarn you will need for your project. 

How do I minimize shedding and pilling of my new Merino wool blanket?

Spray cold water on both sides of the blanket before placing it in a dryer. Set it on tumble dry setting or whatever the lowest possible setting of your machine is (for some it is "delicate dry"). Start with 3-5 minutes. To felt it more - repeat the steps above.

How do I keep Merino roving from getting tangled in the dryer?

Place the wool in a loop, tie a ribbon/string of regular yarn on 4 opposite sides of the loop and then place in a dryer.

We hope our FAQ are helpful!  Share your experience on chunky knitting at BeCozi Giant Knitting Club.

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Stay warm and BeCozi!