Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue!

"Something Old"

 Not long time ago we had a blog post announcing our decision to discontinue "BeCozi Skinny Merino wool". We received a lot of e-mails asking to keep it in stock and we are glad to announce that our "Skinny" Merino wool is back!

We have four most popular colors back: Ivory, Gray, Pink and Aquamarine.

Skinny Merino is perfect for knitting with needles size 50 or using BeCozi hand knitting technique.  You can knit anything you want with this super soft, gently spun wool that does not have shedding and can be washed: headbands, scarves, hats, socks, sweaters; big projects like blankets and even stuffed animals! You can get Skinny Merino wool and also DIY Knitting kits for beautiful knitted products.

Watch our new video on "How to Hand knit a skinny Merino wool sweater" with beautiful Pink Skinny Merino wool on BeCozi YouTube channel soon!

"Something New and Blue"

We have three new colors of BeCozi chunky chenille yarn in stock: Dark blue, Butterscotch and Orange!

These bright colors are perfect for Spring time! Orange and Blue are great colors for making a two color scarf or a blanket for a fan of Hope College or Colorado Broncos! 

We are planning to have a video tutorial showing how to Hand knit a two color chunky chenille blanket on our YouTube channel soon.

Something Borrowed

It is on borrowed time we have a huge sale for three beautiful colors of BeCozi super chunky Merino wool: Peach, Orange and Yellow, it is only $24/lbs! 

Limited supplies, first come - first serve.

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Stay warm and BeCozi!