Think You Can't Knit? Think Again!

becozi merino wool yarn knitting

Technology has significantly improved our lives. With many developments and advancements we can now shop online, discover new memes and learn how to apply a perfect cat eye thanks to YouTube. 

One other huge benefit to a flourishing internet is the ability to gather, communicate and meet people from all around the world. 

When we started Becozi Giant Knitting Club we wanted to create a place where giant knitters and those who watch our video tutorials can gather, post their work-in-progress, ask questions and show off their completed creations. 

We've heard from people from Brazil, Italy, Mexico and countless other countries. We've read stories of struggle and success as people learn giant knitting despite their obstacles.

We hear the stories of how people develop a passion.

Today we wanted to highlight a few of these lovely people and show off their work to you. To inspire you to create more, to remind you that you can do it and to make sure you take time for yourself and your passion. 

1. Basket weave Merino throw from Lea

becozi merino wool 

Lea is a member of our knitting club and she made this gorgeous basket weave Merino wool blanket as a wedding gift. The color is perfect to celebrate your friend's or your own upcoming nuptials! 

2. Super Chunky Merino Wool Blanket from Melody

becozi merino wool

As bad as the weather is getting this weekend nothing can be cozier than curling up under a warm Merino wool throw that you made yourself. Check out this gorgeous super chunky throw from Melody who completed her home decor with the perfect shade of gray (Ash). 

3. Steve's Ultra Soft Chenille Throw

becozi chenille ultra soft wool chunky knitting

 If you haven't heard all about our Ultra Soft Chenille yarn yet don't despair. Head over to our previous blog post here to read up on it. Steve is one of our most productive club members despite his full time job. He learned how to giant knit from our videos and now he's made over 50 blankets! Way to go Steve!

4. Ribbing Pattern Merino Wool Blanket from Maria

becozi merino wool giant stitch knitting yarn

For the advanced knitters out there a ribbing pattern is a perfect way to test your skill and have some fun. Just look at this beautiful lilac blanket from our loyal customer Maria - a beautiful way to celebrate spring and get creative doing it!

Whether you are just starting out or you've been a knitter all your life - check out our online community and join us today. Meet fellow knitters, show off your work and get support when you've missed a stitch or don't know what to do next. 

Keep posting your knits and tagging us online - we love featuring our customers!

In the meantime stay warm and BeCozi!