How to Save $ on a Chunky Knit Blanket

Chunky knit blankets are beloved for a reason: they feel as soft as hugging a puppy, the stitches are as big as your hand and they are simply the best blankets to snuggle under, especially as fall is knocking on our doors and we are looking for sources of comfort. 

You probably looked into getting one. But as we know chunky knitting can be a pricey hobby, especially if Merino wool is your choice of source material. 

But what if you still could have the softness, the giant stitches and the comfort for less? 

We present to you the three easy ways to save $ on a chunky knit blanket. 

1. Squeal for chenille

What is chenille? No, it is not one of those gray-colored, furry animals of the rodent family. That's a chinchilla. But it sure feels as soft as one! 

Chenille yarn may only be around 1 inch in thickness, but its durability is simply unparalleled.

Here are all the amazing benefits of Chenille yarn: 

  • 100% polyester, which means it can be washed on the gentle cycle
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Non-shedding
  • Soft and comfortable 
  • Kid and pet friendly, this yarn is not afraid of stains or spills 
  • Inexpensive compared to Merino wool

Chenille is a perfect for fall. It will call your name as you light your fireplace for the first time, it will be happy to be your companion for a cup of hot coffee or tea and it will be perfect to throw over your duvet for extra warmth in the months to come. 

The benefits are endless, but you get the idea. Chenille is amazing!! Get it here. 

Don't forget that besides our chunky chenille we also have JUMBO chenille. Think chenille on steroids - it's fatter, it's thicker and it's that much more amazing. Buy jumbo chenille here

2. Keep your size small

While it can be tempting to want to make or buy the biggest chunky blanket out there, we recommend starting with a slightly smaller project, especially if you are just starting out.

Hand knitting is simple, but it still takes practice and while you are getting the experience, start with something smaller, say a baby size blanket that will be faster and easier to complete and will be easier on your wallet too. 

3. Look out for clearance and sales

If you are absolutely set on something specific and will consider nothing else for your next project, don't despair - you can still get amazing savings by shopping in our clearance section or waiting for a sale. 

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday just a few months away, you are guaranteed to snag a great deal. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on any surprise sales too! 

Check out what's on clearance and grab your next DIY kit, a ball of super chunky Merino yarn or a blanket

Let us know which alternative you loved best and what you ended up making with it! We love seeing your works in progress as much as final results! Tag us on Instagram using @becozi and don't forget to use the hashtags #becozi. 

In the meantime, happy fall and BeCozi!