It`s here!

Our long waiting shipment is finally arriving today!
It is three weeks late, our warehouse is almost empty and we are eager to have all our yarn back in stock!

1. Plush and Lush Velvet yarn

Our beautiful Velvet yarn in Red is back! Want to Hand knit the amazing Christmas tree skirt? Get some Velvet yarn in Red and use our Video tutorial.

2. BeCozi Chunky Chenille yarn: 

Good news: All colors are in stock! Bad news: we have so many backorders to fullfill that we will run out of a few popular colors as soon as they are shipped: Gray, Light Lavender, Charcoal gray, Misty blue.

Our next shipment is coming in January 5-10, 2021.

3. All Merino wool colors are in stock!

Have you ever wondered how does BeCozi place look like?

Watch a video "Welcome to BeCozi" here  to see!

Sta safe and BeCozi!