What`s new?

Holidays spirit is all around. No matter how different this year is, we want to feel like it is an "old normal" Chirstmas; seeing Christmas decoration everywhere helps us to feel just like that.

Holidays are always busy at BeCozi. This year has been busier than four previous years. On January 1, 2021 we will be celebrating BeCozi 5th Birthday! But before that we have to go through the busiest season we had ever had:-)

COVID has brought a lot of changes to our business and one of them that affects us the most - delays in delivery of new stocks. We are getting very low on all colors of all yarns. A new stock of chenille yarn was supposed to be here on November 30. Then the date was moved to December 4. Now the date is December 11. The reason is - lockdown in California and lack of people working. Hopefully the date of December 11 is final and all our chenille yarn colors will be back!

Good news! A new stock of Merino wool and Vegan yarn is arriving on Monday! It is a good time to order some Merino wool to make that amazingly soft and beautiful blanket or to order one on our website. We can not guarantee a Chirstmas delivery for a blanket though - have a long list of blankets to make!

But! We ship orders of yarn within 4-5 days and you can get some Merino wool on time to make your own blanket!


Some of you might know that BeCozi is selling all our products on our website and also on Etsy. Last Sunday Etsy placed our store in Vacation mode: we had a big number of orders and Etsy places stores with a big numbers of orders in Vacation mode. The sad part that it happened without any warning and we could not reach anybody to ask for a reason for 2.5 days. Only on Tuesday we finally received an email from Etsy explaining the reason of placing our store in Vacation mode. Etsy would not give any dates of possible reopening. Praying and hoping our Etsy store will be reopen soon!

If you were buying our yarn on Etsy - please, purchase at becozi.net for now.

Stay safe and BeCozi!