Holiday Q&A you do not want to miss!

We receive a lot of similar questions during this busy time of the year and we woud like to dedicate today`s post to answering most important of them:

1. Will you have a Black Friday Sale?

We are sorry to inform you that this year we will not have a Black Friday Sale. We had a very high volume of orders a few last months and our stock is going pretty low. New stock is coming around December 4. 

2. How soon my order will be shipped?

We are shipping orders in these timeframes:

- Yarn and DIY Kits: in 5-6 business days after order is placed

- Knitted products:  in 7-8 business days.

This year we hired more people to help us than any other year during our five years in business but we are still behind in knitting and shipping. 

3. I chose 2 day Priority Mail, WHY does it take so long for my order to arrive?

USPS does NOT deliver within 2-3 days at this time.

2 day Priority Mail is now 4-5 business days delivery. Please, bring your concern with slow USPS delivery to USPS: we do not have any power over packages after they left our office.

4. Why are you not using UPS and FeDex for delivery of your orders?

We tried UPS and FeDex and found them extremely expensive. 

5. Why is your shipping expensive?

Our shipping is very reasonable: if shipping the same packages at USPS office, the shipping price would be much more expensive.

6. Do you still have bulk order discount?

Our bulk order discount is now 15% off on orders of 100 skeins and more. Please, write us at with the information about yarn you need and your zip code: we will email you an invoice.

7. Shipping fee on big orders:

Our website CAN NOT calculate correct shipping fee on orders of more than 32 skeins of chenille yarn or 20 lbs of Merino/Vegan/Tube/Velvet yarn. If you need to order yarn in these amounts, please, contact us with the information about a product to buy and your zip code - we will email you an invoice. 

If an order for these amounts is placed directly on the website, we will email you an invoice to pay the shipping fee difference before the order can be shipped. Thank you for understanding.

8. What should I do if my order is not delivered within 3-5 days?

When you order is shipped you will receive an email with a tracking number. PLEASE, be in charge of your order: track it and if you do not receive it within 3-5 days and tracking number is not updated within this time, contact USPS yourself.

We have very limited time to asnwer emails as we are trying to make and ship as many orders as possible. You need to contact USPS and request them to find and deliver your package:

- If the order is not delivered within 3-5 days, complete a Help request form here

- If the order is not delivered after filing the above form, submit a Missing Mail serach request here. You will need to register at in order to submit this form.

P. S. We still have some Jumbo chenille yarn in Ivory and Cloud on SALE! Make sure to get some before it`s gone.