Ode to Jumbo chenille and .... Sale!

BeCozi Jumbo chenille joined our family of chunky yarns back in 2018 when we were looking for a more affordable and practical alternative to our beautiful Merino wool: we ask our Chunky chenille supplier to make Chunky chenille as thick as they could. That is how Jumbo chenille yarn was born: a unique chenille yarn, almost twice as thick as Chunky chenille yarn and twice as soft and fluffy too. Blankets knitted with Jumbo chenille look and feel like Cloud in your hands!

As we have 24 colors of Jumbo chenille yarn in stock, possibilities of creating something unique are endless:

1. Jumbo chenille blanket in multi colors: whether you want something in neutral colors or something bright - just select the colors you like!

We have a video tutorial for you showing how to Hand knit a Jumbo chenille blanket in a single color and in multi colors.

2. Jumbo chenille Cat bed or a Cat cave: our furry friends LOVE Jumbo chenille! It is so soft anf fluffy and it is pets friendly - they can use it every day all day long as much as they want.

You can order a cat bed or cat cave here or you can make one yourself watching our video tutorial

3. Jumbo chenille blanket in squares: If you Hand knitted some blankets already and consider yourself an intermediate Hand knitter, you should definitely try this patern:

By the way: this particular blanket was knitted for our video tutorial and is on sale now - only one available: first come - first serve!

4. Variegated color Jumbo chenille: don`t forget to try this new addition!

Incredibly beautiful variagated color Jumbo chenille: Gray dream, Blush Gray Cream and Purple Rain:

Blankets knitted with Jumbo in Variegated are amazingly beautiful and soft:

5. The last but NOT the least reason to try our Jumbo chenille yarn NOW:

We have a pretty high inventory of Jumbo chenille yarn in two most popular colors: Ivory and Cloud and we are placing it ON SALE:

$9.50 per skein compared to $10.99!

We need to sell 500 skeins of each color for this price, so hurry up - stock up on this amazing yarn not available anywhere else, only at becozi.net!

Stay warm and BeCozi!