3 Reasons to Start Your Christmas Shopping Now

Christmas? We know, it may not even be on your radar yet. Thanksgiving is still ahead to take center stage with pumpkins and turkeys awaiting their turn. 

Yet here we are, planning ahead. But getting your Christmas shopping done early has a number of benefits and today we'd like to share them with you. 

1. Beat the Crowds

Imagine walking into Macy's in December, especially in the middle of the month. What greets you there? Chaos. Anarchy. 

Parents fighting for a toy for their toddler, stressed-out husbands frantically searching the jewelry counter, grandmas with carts piled up so high you can't even see their faces. 

What else did we miss? Lines, lots and lots of lines. 

2. Guaranteed Stock and Delivery

You may think that shopping online will save you from the chaos, until you get to your favorite site and realize that either your item is sold out, out of stock or ready to ship on December 26th. Oops. 

By shopping early you are guaranteed to get the items while they are in stock and to have them delivered well before Christmas morning.


3. Enough time to make a gift YOURSELF! 


What is the best gift ever? The gift that it made with your own hands! 

With our chunky yarns and DIY Kits, this year you have a chance to make your own gift/s for your loved one! If you are planning to do so - now is the best time to purchase some of our yarn or DIY Kit/s and start working on those amazing gifts: Just imagine faces of your family and friends when they open their gifts and find your beautifull hand knitted creation!

Don't wait - save yourself the stress and grab those blankets before the colors sell out! Start shopping now!


Holidays are supposed to be about spending time with loved ones, relaxing and celebrating. Getting your Christmas shopping done early will allow you to do just that.

While everyone else will be doing the mad dash to the stores, you will be at home, gifts all neatly wrapped under the tree, sipping on a hot chocolate or something a bit stronger. 

Here's to a relaxing, stress-free Holiday shopping season!

Stay warm and BeCozi!