You do not want to miss this!

Christmas is only 51 days away! Here at BeCozi we are getting ready:

We created two custom Christmas colors of Chunky chenille yarn -

Christmas spirit and Christmas gold!

As Chunky chenille yarn is in incredibly huge demand at this time, the colors were not dyed perfect. The good news is - when knitted into a blanket, the imperfection is hardly noticable AND the yarn is cheaper than our usual variegated colors: $7.99 comparing to $9.99/skein! 

1. Christmas Spirit:

Bright and vibrant, the very Christmas color to make a super fun chunky blanket! 

2. Christmas gold: 

Gold color is a must for Christmas! Just look at this beautiful colors combination on our Christmas gold!


 This yarn is a Holiday addition, we will have this yarn only until before Christmas or until it`s all gone.


Today we would like to share with you the most favorite pattern of all:


1. Merino wool Cable Knit blanket

Merino wool blanket in Cable knit is the most gorgeous. Just look at those huge stitches! You can order a blanket like this or to Hand knit it yourself with our 32 colors of Merino wool and a video tutorial.

2. Chunky Chenille Blanket, Cable knit:

Our most popular blanket of this season! Cable knit pattern looks amazing on Chunky chenille yarn in oatmeal. The reason we ran out of this color. Good news: it is back in stock today! Order a premade blanket here. Hand knit one yourself with our video tutorial.

3. Multicolor Chunky Chenille blanket in Cable knit:

Want to make it even more fun? Combine a few colors of our Chunky chenille or Jumbo chenille yarn and your cable knit blanket will be just stunning! Order premade here.


Watch our new video tutorial on YouTube: How to Hand knit a Chunky blanket with our Speckled chenille and Furreal soft yarn!

Stay warm and BeCozi!