Jumbo chenille means super thick!

We announced arrival of BeCozi Jumbo chenille recently and we keep receiving questions about it.

So, here are the answers to you main questions about Jumbo chenille:

1. Why "Jumbo"? 
- Jumbo chenille is super thick, 1 1/2 inches thick comparing to chunky chenille which is 2/3 of an inch thick. Jumbo chenille is much fluffier and softer, it is like holding cloud in your hands.
2. What colors of Jumbo chenille you have?
- We have five colors available at this time: Ivory, Taupe, Pink, Blue and Cloud. Five more colors are coming within the next 2-3 weeks: Silver gray, Navy gray, Cranberry, Charcoal gray and Emerald green. We will send an e-mail as soon as we have those colors in stock.
3. What is the yardage?
- Jumbo chenille is about 19 yards long comparing to 24 yards in one skein of chunky chenille. The good part is Jumbo is much thicker and for this reason you will need the same amount of skeins for the same size of a blanket: size 30x50 lap throw will still be four skeins of Jumbo chenille as well as chunky one!
4. How to connect Jumbo chenille?
- Connecting Jumbo chenille is easy: just make a simple knot and cut the ends close to it and you are good to go! The soft knot will not be noticeable in the middle of a blanket.
5. Can it be washed?
- Yes! Jumbo chenille, as well as chunky chenille, can be washed: quick cycle, cold water. It`s good to place the blanket in a pillow case to keep it as fluffy and beautiful as before. If the blanket is too big - just add some clothes of the same color to have a full load.

If you have any other questions about Jumbo chenille - please, do not hesitate to email us at info@becozi.net

Did we mention that BeCozi is the only place in US where you can buy Jumbo chenille as it was custom made for our company?

So, stock up on Jumbo chenille and make some seriously thick and fluffy blankets for your bedroom, living room or to take to the family picnic next time! Share your pictures on BeCozi Giant Knitting Club!

Enjoy your summer and BeCozi!

Compare the thickness of Jumbo and Chunky chenille yarns