Keep calm and carry on!

Happy Thursday!

How`s your summer going so far? Relaxing and nice or crazy busy?  

I was taking a picture of a new blanket the other day and looking for a book to use with it. This small book just popped out from nowhere, I did not even remember I had it. The words on the top were: 

It brought some thoughts to my head: how often we are running around doing what we are supposed to do and forgetting to just relax and enjoy our life. Keep calm: don`t stress out if something is not going your way; carry on: time will fix any issues you have now. So, I decided to continue this week with this motto in mind. Would you like to join me?

BeCozi website has a new link now: "Videos". When you click on the YouTube button when you open the link, you will go directly to the BeCozi YouTube channel where you can watch all the video tutorials we have. This week we will have a new video tutorial posted on our YouTube channel: "How to arm knit a blanket" but this time I will show you a different pattern for doing it. If you have any suggestions of what video tutorial you would like us to post in future, please, write us at the e-mail: If you are not subscribed to our channel yet, please, do so as it will help us to get our name on YouTube channel sooner.

On July 15, we announced a new winner of BeCozi monthly Giveaway: Lea K. has won a beautiful round pillow. On August 15 our Giveaway will be a DIY Knit kit for a blanket 25x30 inches.

Woman`s World Giveaway from BeCozi is still on, don`t forget to enter your information here if you want to take a chance to win four (!) of our items at once!

Don`t forget: Keep calm and carry on! And BeCozi)

Your BeCozi team