How to make your video go viral on Facebook

Do you remember a feeling when you have one of those crazy busy weeks?  That is what I had last week: it all started with a message from Anna, from ADToys, who purchased 4 lbs of Merino wool in strawberry color from our store. She wrote me a week ago saying that she was so excited to make a blanket from Becozi Merino wool, she made a video making it and placed it on her ADToys Facebook page on July 1, 2016. On July 6 she had 25K views of her video and 300 shares. The number of views has been growing rapidly and I was so surprised by that fact, I have wrote a new blog post about it at Huffington Post blog. As of today, the number of views is 875K and growing!

Inspired by such success of Anna`s video, I created a video tutorial showing how to arm knit a blanket. Watch this easy and detailed video and have some fun!

 Next thing to make my week so busy was an order for a Merino wool hand woven rug in size 8`x8`. I have never made such a big rug before and it has been a one week challenge for me and my family members as it occupied our living room while I was making it! I can hardly believe I made it but here it is, the softest and most beautiful rug I have ever seen (or made!):

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This week we will announce a winner of BeCozi monthly Giveaway - a beautiful Merino wool round pillow:

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Stay comfy and BeCozi!